Ready to find Real you?

Ready to find Real you?

Ready to find Real you?Ready to find Real you?Ready to find Real you?
I am an NLP based IASC Certified professional Style Coach


Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery together  

Be yourself

Let's start with knowing you and finding your personal style. We will start with a personal assessment of who you are, what you do on a daily basis, what you need and where we can add value in terms of your style goals suitable to your lifestyle.

Your Authentic self

Do you believe in a personal style of an individual or do you get swayed in the ever changing winds of fashion? What does your style say about you? What do you represent? What do you stand for? Let's connect the dots together and help you align your style with your individuality.

Closet Consultation

Declutter what's not for you. Pieces that neither flatter nor help you look good should go. Pieces that match your style, colour and body type should stay. An organised wardrobe can be a powerhouse of energy and excitement on a daily basis. We'll assess and clear the unnecessary baggage and leave you with the vision leading you to reach your style goals.


Be confident

We will reintroduce you to yourself and educate you on how to dress and shop with renewed confidence & flair. You will become your own stylist and personal shopper now. Your inner power which has been inside you all this time, undiscovered, will reflect in your exterior being through your style.

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